EvaluatePharma Product Sales Analysis by Country

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EvaluatePharma® is the trusted source for pharmaceutical and biotechnology market intelligence, with exclusive consensus forecasts, currently to 2020.

EvaluatePharma® Product Sales Analysis by Country adds country-level product sales analysis providing exclusive insights into global markets. With it you can:

  • Analyze product sales in 70 countries including developing and emerging markets
  • Get exclusive insights and analysis into the competitive environment for your products
  • Quickly and efficiently assess regional and country-level market opportunities for growth
  • Use trusted, high quality intelligence to help optimize country-level analysis and performance
  • Communicate effectively and provide the answers needed to key internal audiences for strategic decisions
  • Compare sales performance across regions, countries, competitors, therapy areas, EphMRA ATC and products

Evaluate's expert analysts carefully and thoroughly integrate and reconcile country-level sales intelligence for you, so you can focus on using the insights for critical business decisions.

The Evaluate platform makes it easy to view, compare and analyze global markets, including rapid reporting functionality and quick and easy Excel downloads.

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