EP Vantage 2017 Preview

The annual EP Vantage 2017 Preview discusses what’s in store for biopharma in the coming year.

Despite the uncertainty that loomed over the pharma and biotech sectors with unexpected outcomes from both the US presidential election and UK’s vote to leave the EU, 2017 may bring renewed energy to the industry with potential for more corporate activity and cash flow. 

According to the report, 2017 will see:

  • Pfizer to dominate prescription and OTC sales in 2017, banking nearly $50 billion

  • Humira remaining the industry’s biggest selling drug

  • Roche and Sanofi with the most keenly awaited regulatory approvals for the sector in the form of  MS drug Ocrevus and novel dermatology therapy dupilumab

  • Eli Lilly and Pfizer facing the biggest threats to US patents for Cialis and Viagra

  • Possible tax reform and a tax repatriation holiday that could set-the-stage for big-ticket M&A; Progress in early-stage investigations of cutting-edge scientific techniques -- CAR-T, Crispr gene editing and gene therapies


EP Vantage is Evaluate’s independent editorial team providing daily news, commentary and analysis driven by Evaluate data and forecasts.

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