EP Vantage Pharma & Biotech Half-Year Review 2016

The peak is in the past

Pharma Review 2016 Cover

If anything can be gleaned from the first half of 2016 it is that the peak is in the past. Any hopes that the declines of the second half of 2015 might be reversed must now be put to bed, and the highs of last July be consigned to the record books.

Key Highlights

  • Venture funding falls from peak: The amount of venture financing raised so far this year indicates that the peak has passed. Funding is now expected to fall to 2014 levels

  • Stock market jitters: The Nasdaq biotechnology index lost 21 percent of its value across the first half of the year.

  • IPO stagnates: Flotations dropped off substantially in the first quarter of 2016, with only eight companies making it to market. Companies were also forced to offer substantial discounts in the first half to succeed. 


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