Biggest Launches 2014

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EP Vantage Biggest Launches 2014 

EP Vantage’s latest report, Biggest Launches 2014, reveals that although the past two years have brought a surge of R&D productivity, driving investor confidence and increasing market performance, 2014 looks set to tell a different tale.

According to the report only three drugs slated to launch this year will achieve blockbuster status by 2018.

The industry's move towards so-called "nichebuster" drugs could help explain the switch from blockbuster drug development, as the orphan indication delivers greater returns on investment. Yet, billion-dollar drugs remain an indicator of the sector's productivity and their absence in the 2014 launch class is an indicator to be watched closely.

Among the report’s key findings:

  • The forecasted blockbusters of 2014 include: GSK’s combination COPD therapy, Anoro Ellipta, Lundbeck’s Brintellix for major depressive disorder and Celgene’s psoriatic arthritis drug, Apremilast
  • Diabetes is forecasted to be the biggest category of products set to launch in 2014 followed by oncology and anti-infectives
  • 2014 could be one of the biggest years for biological drug launches, particularly if the PD-1 antibodies make it to market 
  • Billion-dollar blockbuster drugs remain an indicator of the sector’s R&D productivity.

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