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Budget-Busters: The Shift to High-Priced Innovator Drugs in the USA
Top 100 USA Drug Pricing Median Jumped Seven-Fold to $9,400 in 2014


In the five years leading up to 2014 the US market saw a fundamental shift in spending trends towards high-priced medicines, which treat substantially smaller patient populations.

Based on an analysis of the Top 100 selling drugs in the USA, the report Budget-Busters: The Shift to High-Priced Innovator Drugs in the USA reveals that: 

The median price of the Top 100 drugs increased from $1,260 in 2010 to $9,400 in 2014, representing a seven-fold increase

The median patient population size served by a Top 100 drug in 2014 was 146,000, down from 690,000 in 2010

There were seven treatments priced in excess of $100,000 per patient per year in 2014, versus four in 2010 

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